Hello, I'm Big Y.

I’m a high school student (as of 05/24) on an exciting math journey. My adventure began with abacus learning in kindergarten, acting as my secret weapon that propelled me to excel in math. 

As I grew older, my focus shifted towards competitive math, emphasizing problem-solving. Despite the transition, my abacus skills remain a valuable asset, continuing to support my mathematical endeavors.

Hello! I'm Big Y, the founder of this website.
My Abacus Proficiency - 9 dan in mental math - 9 dan in computer mental - 6 dan in abacus -many victories in tournaments -8 years of abacus dedications

Drawing from my own experience with mathematics and observing other students who learned the abacus at a young age, I firmly believe that introducing abacus learning during early childhood helps fostering strong mathematical skills from an early age.

The abacus, in my view, is not just a calculating tool; it’s a powerful and engaging instrument that lays a robust foundation for mathematical understanding. 

Beyond mere calculations, it’s about instilling a love for numbers and fostering a confident, capable mindset in young learners.

" Abacus sparked my math success from a young age,
aiding me in competitive math endeavors to this day."

With a strong desire to empower young kids, I’ve crafted abacus lessons that carefully address potential stumbling points for beginners. These lessons are based on what I’ve learned from my certified abacus teacher. The method we use is widely employed in Japan, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the learning process.

I encourage many children to embark on the exciting journey of learning abacus, aspiring to achieve math success, just like I have.

picture of Japanese Abacus
Free Abacus Lessons to ALL

Beyond personal achievements, I am an advocate for education equality, driven by the vision to bridge the gap for those lacking resources in math education. 

Join me in unlocking the world of mathematics, where every fold and bead is a step toward a more inclusive and brighter educational future for all!

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